An intermediate school was built on the Quiet Living farm in 1991. It took 6 years to finish the school. It was built in three phases. First three classrooms were built in 1990/91. One of the highlights of this first phase was the privilege of having a YWAM team here to help finishing the school! There were 28 YWAM team members, including 7 children who were enrolled in Skuinsdrift Laerskool! In 1994 another four rooms were added and in 1997 one classroom and a staff/administrative block was added.
The school was subsidised by the government and offered the facilities to accommodate the teachers during the school terms. At the most about 300 pupils were attending the school. They got food once a day and got educated up until Grade 9. In January 2011 the Dept. of Education merged the learners of this school with those of Skuinsdrift Primary School. This meant that the volunteers now work at Skuinsdrift Primary school. The community indicated through a CAMP process that the infrastructure of the school should become a multi-purpose community centre[MPCC], combined with an orphanage and old-age home. This project and refurbishing of the place begun 2014 with the help of BATSA. After refurbishing UNISA used the MPCC for community training for a period of time, involving community members from afar as Koffiekraal. This long-term project has a lot of potential that needs to be unlocked.