In 2004 Boesman Matlanye, one of the landowners of Quiet Living CC, said to Arno “Mothusi, re tswantse go thusa bana ba dikhutsana tsa rona” /Mothusi, we must help our orphans”. This was the start of fundraising to create an orphanage for the OVC’s [orphans and vulnerable children]. From 2004 till 2014 the MRDP managed to raise R85 000.00, which was never enough to start an orphanage. In 2013 the Ikagisano Intermediate school, which the MRDP built with the help of the community and Sizwe Education Trust of the IDT in 1991/94/97, was merged with Skuinsdrift Primary School. This created the opportunity for the orphanage project to start, because the landowners agreed that this empty school can be converted to a Multipurpose Centre, including an orphanage. In 2014 the facility was started under the name Malatsi and the aim is now to register it as a place of safety. Volunteers assist here, especially with after school homework and computer training.