The MRDP supports a wide variety of projects. It does not start projects on its own, but supports, where communities, which perceived a problem in their environment and failed to solve it autonomously.

In the centre is the human being and his/her personal development, following the traditional principle of “Motho ke motho ka batho/Ubuntu”. The people should grow to independent and confident individuals, who internalised their abilities and strengths.

It is important to expand their beliefs regarding themselves and their inborn potentials that they can develop to self-confident personalities who live their lives happily. Education is the key to a better quality of life. Therefore we put our focus on education and training. In schools, nursery schools and through adult training in the fields of crafts and agriculture the young and old should gain skills and knowledge. Furthermore the health awareness needs to be focused and improved. South Africa has one of the highest HIV/ Aids rates in the world. Especially the rural areas need prevention and counselling. But also empowerment of the people is important as well as the equality of gender. This is centre point of our various women and youth projects.

We also strive to share our world with volunteers from other countries so that they can learn about alternative ways of life, thought and world views. They grow as human beings through their exposure to our world.