The MRDP had many volunteers from all over the world since development interventions started in January 1989, under the guidance of Arno Faul. Volunteers from the Unversity of the Northwest came to do missionary work and help to build schools. In January 1991 a YWAM team came from Den Hague to do missionary work and help built a school. There were 8 nationalities in this team. In 1993/4 the first year social work students from the University of Pretoria did practical training in the area. Volunteers from Germany: Since 1994 the MRDP receives international volunteers from Germany. These volunteers assist the organisation in its daily activities and support the project leaders in their projects. In 2008 the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development [BMZ] officially approved our partner organisation DSJW to send volunteers through the BMZ programme ‘Weltwärts’. The ‘Weltwärts’ programme supports young people who want to do social/charitable work and voluntary services abroad. In the centre of “ Weltwärts” stands the educational opportunities of the young people going abroad. It is believed that through a voluntary service in a different country and culture young people open their minds for global developmental issues. Being back home the experiences made can have a strong input towards the development of the home country itself. Weltwärts expects the volunteers to show engagement in supporting their project. The volunteers can do promotional work, collect donations, found private sponsorships etc. Some of the MRDP’s projects are partially funded by those donations the volunteers can access. Furthermore the BMZ funded several projects of the MRDP. In 2001 the MRDP received the first intervention funds of the BMZ. Three  crèches were built during this intervention. Later BMZ funded projects were the vegetable garden, the set-up of the technical training centre, HIV/ Aids counselling and empowerment, empowerment of women, ABET and the education and training of emerging farmers. Practical training: You cannot participate in Weltwärts but want to join and support us? Contact our partner organisation the DSJW or us. We are looking forward to welcome you and your helping hand. Volunteers from other countries: You want to do a voluntary service in the MRDP and support us in an active way? You are welcome to contact us. We are looking forward to welcome people from all over the world.