The MRDP focuses strongly on support of youth work, it is seen as an investment in the future. In the afternoons there are different groups for the children and youth. Here they can do sports, have a discussion, do crafts, play games or just have fun.

There are often a special girls group to empower especially the girls and to teach them about themselves and their role in the society. We try and support them to become stronger and more resistant against the way men treat them. Often their situation at home is unendurable and this also has negative effects in terms of the HIV/Aids problem.

Furthermore there is an annual Youth Clubs trip to a nearby youth camp (Shalom), which the youngsters are looking forward to and enjoy.

Youth work teaches the children alternatives for free time activities and often takes them off the streets, where they are exposed to drugs and other substances/destructive influences.


Youth work support currently takes place in:

  • Pella
  • Letlhakane
  • Borolelo
  • Koster
  • Skuinsdirft
  • Tlholego